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Fantasy romance | M/M

Anything You Want

"I need to be on this ship. Please, take me onboard as yours and I'll do anything you want."

Tadeas needs to escape the city, and he needs to do it fast. Cai, A rich merchant about to board a ship seems like an easy mark and Tadeas offers to do anything he wants for the entire three-day voyage, if he will take him onboard.

Tadeas isn't prepared for his intense attraction to Cai. Or the way Cai dominates him in bed, stirring up a lust he has never known before… a deep desire to be dominated by this powerful, confident man.

However, Tadeas isn't fleeing for no reason, and when his past catches up to him, there is more at stake than his heart…


contemp romance | m/m/m/f

Bach It Up

Undercover agent Tait made up the perfect fiancé to avoid sleeping with an escort, but now the mob boss he's investigating wants to meet this perfect man—the man of Tait's wildest dreams.

Fynn has spent two years in WITSEC, hiding from the family of the criminal he helped put away for life. Once again, they have found him, however instead of another miserable identity in another miserable town, he is offered a chance to help an undercover agent sell his cover story in Australia.

Neither of them are prepared the explosive attraction between them, or how quickly the game of lies will turn deadly…


fantasy romance | F/F/M

The queen's lover

Mary has long idolised her beautiful queen. Serving her is an honour, and every moment in her presence a pleasure Mary doesn't deserve.

However, rumours are spreading that Queen Nadia is refusing the attentions of her new husband Ruthford. That unless something changes, there will be no royal heir.

When Ruthford catches Mary and Queen Nadia sharing and intimate moment in the bath, Mary fears she will be fired and sent home in disgrace. Instead, Ruthford comes to her with a desperate plea and a very creative plan to get the queen pregnant…


Contemp Romance | m/tm

The Room Nextdoor

Noel has been in love with his transgender best friend Jack since they were in middle school. Maybe moving in together was a terrible idea. Living with Jack, seeing him every day but not being able to confess his feelings is torture.

When Jack is lost in a huge storm, all Noel can think about is finding him and making sure he's okay. But between all the thunder and lightning, there is another secret waiting to come out, one that could turn their peaceful lives upside down…



J.T Cassius

J.T Cassius is a queer, transgender author living in the vast and dangerous wilds of Australia. He loves animals, sustainable living, reading and equality rallies. He believes everyone deserves positive, uplifting representation that casts them as the sexy hero, and is endeavouring to write as many books like that as he can. He also love to read them, so if you have any reading suggestions, send him an email. For updates on new releases, sign up to his newsletter.

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